Ministry Through Art

                      Heavenward Design Presentations


Host a unique and powerful presentation of the gospel message.

Explore foundational Christian principles and Bible truths through Nobel’s artistry and teaching.

Ministry is integral to our mission and calling and is at the heart of what Schuler Arts

is all about.  We recognize and support faith-based organizations interested in providing unique opportunities for innovative artistic ministry. To this end, Schuler Arts offers creative MTA programing for significantly reduced fees.

MTA    Ministry Through Art


Activities, Programs and Presentations  

Youth groups, ministry teams and other ministry related units have visited the studios to relax, refresh and experience a creative time of fellowship, ministry and reconnection.  These special moments are structured to accomodate your specific desires, goals and time considerations.  

There are also several MTA program elements designed to travel off-site to churches.  These are listed below.    

                   5 on 5 Art Ministry

5 on 5 is a unique ministry presentation with five talented Christian artists who speak on a faith topic that is on their hearts and creative minds.  Collectively, it is an inspiring faith-filled message packed with the Word of God and is easily received by your congregation.  

You may also wish to consider a more Hands-On activity for children and youth.

                    Mural Workshop

This hands-on mural-making activity is presented at your location and is a fun, creative, group-building experience.  This  two-hour session is for a small or large group and will require a large, open, indoor space and a nearby smaller classroom.

Mural Workshop

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additional spiritually- focused activities for youth.


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